What we offer

Hebron Theological College offers distance learning programs as well as training through learning centres. You can study online or be part of learning groups that meet at learning centres all over South Africa. These learning groups function under the guidance of qualified facilitators. To ensure quality control, all assessments are marked at our offices. All learners will receive their QCTO certificates after the successful completion of the learning programs and the external exams.

Well qualified facilitators will be available to teach the material and have sufficient practical experience to transfer knowledge.

  • We have established a well-managed administrative system that forms the backbone of the training centre.
  • Our excellent Learner Management System assists us in our critical operations with online capabilities.
  • We are developing methods of approaching subjects that will help learners get their minds around the theoretical modules.
  • Our goal is to set up enough partnerships with community organisations and Churches where students can employ their acquired knowledge and practical experience in the workplace.
  • We strive to produce a good model of assessment and feedback to the student to facilitate real learning.