Hebron Theological College


(NQF2  &  NQF5)

YEARLY – 2022


First Semester
Second Semester

Application Period

Application Period (*)

Enrolment Period

Enrolment Period (**)


Classes Period

Classes Period (***)

(*) (a) By ‘Application Period’ we mean the time during which the verification of the Learner’s information is processed in batches of a minimun 5 Learners; (b) The prospective Learner should expect the following responses from us: (i) The Learner’s Application to be stated as ‘Successful’ or ‘Unsuccessful’, (ii) Further documentation required, and (iii) Guidelines on how to proceed.

(**) The ‘Enrolment Period’ refers to the time the prospective Learner’s knowledge and skills will be assessed to determine which of the two NQF levels will she or he be enrolled to. This period also includes the possible RPL assessment.

(***) As the title indicates this is the duration of the classes for the course during the semester.